Treatment Cost

Treatment Cost

Every patient’s needs are different. The severity of your condition and the likely causes are different to the next mans. As such you require a customised and managed treatment program. Your treatment plan will be custom formulated to your needs and adjusted as needed for the maximum result with minimal side effects. As every patient is on a customised treatment program you will need to fill out this to receive a price.

The UK Men’s Health Clinic treatment plan begins with a consultation with an expert doctor in the field of sexual health. Should the doctor deem you suitable for treatment, your custom treatment will be formulated and dispatched to your door. Our diligent patient performance management team will ensure you are receiving optimal results with regular check ins on your performance on the plan. Your treatment will be customised so that you can enjoy the sexual confidence you deserve. Lifestyle changes such as weight-loss, smoking and diet will also be encouraged. Think of them as your partners in improving your overall wellness and sexual confidence. 

At the UK Men’s Health Clinic we do not lock our patients in any contracts. We do recommend that you adhere to the treatment to the duration that the Doctor deemed necessary in order to overcome the symptoms. This is especially important for the treatment of PE and TD which takes some time.

In order to receive a customised price you will need to fill out our short survey . A member of our team will get back to you immediately with your options and the Doctor will give the final medical clearance and custom treatment plan. Having a sexual dysfunction is nothing to be ashamed of. Not doing anything about it is.

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